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Polypeptide Treatment for Wound and Scar Healing in Atlanta, GA

burn or wound patient healing fast without scarring after getting peptide treatment in Atlanta, GA

Who’s never burned or cut themselves making dinner? About 100 million people suffer burn injuries every year, and more of them are turning to polypeptide treatment, a natural protein therapy for wound and scar healing.

Polypeptide treatment applies a biomaterial hydrogel to wounded skin, stimulating blood vessel regeneration, and potentially healing it up to 200 times quicker than many conventional treatments, reducing your downtime and helping you feel and look better faster.

Traditional treatments which apply heat exposure, radiation, chemicals, and electric shocks can severely disrupt your life and result in long, expensive hospital stays. This exciting new treatment option may drastically reduce recovery time, pain, and scarring from these injuries, as well as from diabetes-related damage. To speak with a polypeptide for wound and scar healing specialist today in Atlanta, call (770) 674-6311 or contact Natural Medical Solutions Wellness Center online.

What symptoms does peptide treatment relieve?

Polypeptide treatment may be useful for treating the following conditions:

  • injury/accident skin wounds
  • diabetic skin ulcers
  • severe burns
  • scars from old wounds or ulcers

What kinds of peptides are used in this treatment?

Some treatments that have been studied in clinical trials include:

  • topical hydrogel: a biocompatible gel that provides viscosity, thermal stability and bioadhesive properties, moisturizing your wound site, absorbing wound exudates, and reducing pain
  • silk fibroin film: a peptide-loaded dressing that releases neurotensin peptides for 72 hours, modulating your inflammatory response and preventing microorganisms from growing in your wound

How does peptide treatment relieve symptoms and/or target underlying conditions?

Burn-related immunosuppression is not yet fully understood, but researchers do know that burned tissue has drastically reduced levels of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) called defensins.

Polypeptides are small chemical compounds composed of short-chain amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. These crucial components of your immune system inhibit growth of bacterial, fungal, and viral colonies while promoting burn treatment and wound healing.

The management of wounds and burns is becoming difficult using conventional treatments because microbes are developing resistance to them. Some of these traditional treatments also contain silver sulfadiazine, iodine, and other potential toxins. That’s why researchers all over the world are engineering antimicrobial peptide analogues to treat wounds and burns more effectively.

When applied to your skin, the bioactive peptide gel promotes angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels from existing ones. This process is essential in all wound healing because your blood supply brings nutrients, oxygen, and vital molecules to the wound site. Global studies testing the efficacy of AMP treatment for burns and wounds also demonstrate great promise in:

  • reducing the initial oxidative stress and inflammation levels wounds cause
  • shortening injuries’ inflammatory stages
  • promoting production of collagen, one of the main building blocks of skin tissue

The advantages of these engineered AMP treatments include:

  • increased potency
  • decreased toxicity
  • minimal chances of your body developing resistance against them

Dextrin is an FDA-approved biocompatible polysaccharide that stabilizes the peptide, protecting it from degrading and helping to sustain its release. It’s one of the ingredients in some preparations of analogue AMPs.

What kind of practitioners provide peptide treatment?

Many modern medical practitioners are searching for new ways to treat wounds and burns, while also seeking alternatives to traditional antibiotics for treating and preventing infections. This is why peptide therapies are becoming more and more popular and widespread. Ask your family physician to recommend a peptide specialist to you.

What are the potential side effects/risks of peptide treatment?

As with any medical procedure, the results of these treatments will vary from patient to patient, depending on age, genetics, severity of patient’s condition, and other health factors. Since peptides are naturally occurring, this treatment produces no known side effects. If any side effects do occur, don’t wait—call your medical provider or seek emergency medical attention right away.

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You may not have to endure the long, painful recovery times and costly hospital stays traditional medical procedures require. If you’ve suffered a burn or wound or live with chronic diabetes-induced skin ulcers, you may benefit from peptide therapy.

To speak with a peptide specialist today about wound and scar healing in Atlanta, call (770) 674-6311 or contact Natural Medical Solutions Wellness Center online.

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