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IPL Skin Rejuvenation in Lighthouse Point, FL

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Lighthouse Point, FL

As you age, so too does your facial appearance; in fact, it is often your face which reveals the first visible signs of aging, such as the development of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven tone, sun damage or loss of volume. Your environment, lifestyle choices (such as nutrition and sun exposure), as well as your genetic makeup and certain skin conditions can influence the rate at which your face ages.

Fortunately, facial rejuvenation can help to restore a smooth, even-toned, fresh, youthful appearance to your face. While there are many different types of treatments and procedures which aim to repair damaged or aging skin, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is an effective, non-invasive facial treatment chosen by many healthcare professionals for its ability to transform the appearance of aging skin.

Also referred to as photorejuvenation or a photofacial, an IPL treatment exposes your face to a broad spectrum of light energy to create controlled injury to the skin that triggers a wound-healing response to stimulate collagen growth and cell regeneration. IPL can pinpoint problem areas without disturbing healthy tissue or damaging other blood vessels.

To schedule a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional in Lighthouse Point that specializes in IPL skin rejuvenation, call (954) 248-3611 or contact Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera online.

Will an IPL Facial Treatment Rejuvenate My Skin?

An IPL facial treatment is an ideal choice for many men and women looking to improve their facial appearance and protect it from both aging and many troubling skin conditions. In addition to helping minimize or remove wrinkles, fine lines, ages spots and brown spots, IPL skin treatment can help to address skin conditions or skin concerns such as:

IPL treatment is particularly effective for men and women with fair skin. Individuals with darker skin and higher melanin levels face the risk of pigmentation complications with IPL treatments. Your healthcare provider will discuss whether or not IPL skin rejuvenation will benefit your skin type during an initial skin consultation.

What Can I Expect from My IPL Facial Rejuvenation Treatment?

An initial consultation to evaluate the health of your skin—and any issues which might preclude IPL treatments—will usually precede an IPL session. You should have a list of questions prepared for your healthcare provider at this first appointment, along with a list of your skincare concerns and what you hope to achieve through treatment. If you are a candidate for IPL treatment, your healthcare provider will discuss how many treatments you will need; typically 3-5 treatments are necessary depending upon the extent of facial aging or the current state of your skin health. These treatments should be spread out with a minimum of 3 weeks between each session.

On the day of your IPL skin treatment, you will be provided with protective eyewear, as IPL emits an extremely bright light. Anesthetics are not normally necessary, but if you have sensitive skin, sometimes a topical anesthetic may be applied to your skin, or a cooling gel, which helps to reduce the sensation of heat from the IPL device.

Your healthcare provider will then use a hand piece held above the areas of your skin that need rejuvenation. The hand piece emits precisely calibrated, multi-spectrum light waves. The light waves penetrate skin tissue and are absorbed by hemoglobin or melanin, heating it to stimulate the body's natural repair processes which work to break down and remove them without damaging surrounding tissue.

You will likely experience a mild stinging sensation during treatment; many people describe this as the snapping of a rubber band over the skin. Each session typically lasts 15-30 minutes.

After the IPL session, you may experience slight redness that should fade within an hour. In some cases, there can be a mild burning sensation—similar to a sunburn—that normally fades within a couple of days. There is absolutely no downtime or recovery period with IPL, but your healthcare provider may recommend you avoid sun exposure 48 hours before and after each treatment. While some people experience results immediately after their first session, your results may gradually appear over the course of several treatments. Your IPL therapy may be done in conjunction with other skin care treatments to enhance your appearance further.

If you are faced with damaged or aging skin, IPL therapy is a safe and effective aging skin treatment which can revitalize your appearance. Request more information about facial rejuvenation with an IPL photofacial today. Call (954) 248-3611 or contact Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera online.

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